Bergen Design Conference: Dare to Experiment

Bergen Design Conference: Dare to Experiment

Dette arrangementet er en del av Bergen Design Festival:

It is a well-known fact that experimentation and involving users as early as possible is vital for success – so why are so many companies afraid of doing it?
Join us for this years conference as we explore the theme Dare to experiment.

You will meet:
Roope Mokka – co-founder of Finnish think tank Demos Helsinki
Yanki Lee – social designer, activist and founder of Enable Foundation
Cesar Harada – founder of MakerBay and inventor of the shape-shifting robot Protei
Anne Beate Hovind – artist, strategic adviser and project manager
André Moen – founder of 2nd Chance, a recruitment agency with an unordinary philosophy
Heidi Sperre, podcaster and founder of FLY, who will be guiding us through the day

Bergen Design Conference: Dare to Experiment
Dato: Tirsdag 26. September
Tidspunkt: 14:00 - 19:00
Sted: Universitetsaulauen, UIB, Nygårdshøyden
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